About the Chowder

area web developer uses tiny computer

We’re Router Chowder, a micro-agency and blog.

We are a three person agency, and we make awesome stuff for the Web. Whether it’s WordPress tools or web apps, we to love code. We also write about web development, music and hypotheticals. Add in the fact that we can (kinda) dance, and we’re a triple threat! You know our moms are proud.

Luke Patrick
Boulder, CO
Owner / Monster in Chief

Luke recently returned to Boulder after helping start Kangabloo. Router Chowder began as his personal blog. Since then, it's grown some legs and sprouted an eye. #blessed

Nic Chan
Hong Kong
Web Dev / Chowder Batman

Nic is some kind of wizard — it's the only way to explain the incredible code she makes. Nic recently moved from New York back to Hong Kong. Her cat is mostly okay with it.

Holly Frein
Conway, AR
Accounts / Chowder Communicator

Ain't no party like a Holly Frein party because a Holly Frein party arrives on time and gets results. Holly lives in the Little Rock metro with her family and her PR degree.

  • Kangabloo Creative - A small business marketing agency - Conway, AR
  • Snod & Jeff - A marketing agency for outdoor products and craft brewers - Boulder, CO

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