Stupid Simple Testimonials

stupid simple WordPress testimonials plugin

Over the years, we’ve used a lot of WordPress testimonial plugins. Some were bells-and-whistles types, others were barebones fixer-uppers. But we never could find an option that was simple, easy to setup, and looked damn good doing it.

So, we made our own freaking plugin!

Stupid simple testimonials plugin for WordPress

Stupid Simple Testimonials is a lightweight, minimalistic approach to WordPress testimonials. It takes only three minutes to install and display, from activation to final touches. Likewise, it requires no additional editing or code knowledge to look exactly like the box. We call it “no assembly required.”

Best of all, you can charge this bad boy anywhere text is accepted. Just add the [simple-testimonials] shortcode where you want testimonials to magically appear. The rest is taken care of. Don’t even sweat it!

A short list of features includes:

  1. Multiple page layouts, including a touch-enabled slider and a dynamic grid
  2. Grid layout automatically adjusts to match total number of testimonials, creating an attractive design every time
  3. Six unique color schemes to match any theme you’ve got
  4. Divide your testimonials into categories for easy management
  5. Stupid simple shortcode – [simple-testimonials] – that can be used in pages, posts and widgets
  6. Beautiful, minimalist design that works right out of the box, no coding required
  7. Installation and setup so simple you can have it running in 3 minutes or less
  8. Easy testimonial editing using the standard WordPress editor – no need to learn new, complicated layouts
  9. Fully compatible with Visual Composer, so you can use the tools you know and love
  10. Beautiful documentation and full support. It works out-of-the-box, but we’re here just in case.

We’re proud of the results, and we think it’s the perfect option for end users and hardcore coders alike. Stupid Simple Testimonials includes a built-in, customizable CSS sheet for the salty tech savvy folks.

Our testimonials plugin is also built on the best standards and includes rock-solid jQuery via Owl Carousel 2 and the best in responsive CSS thanks to Bourbon. At barely over 100kb installed, it’s also crazy thin.

To see just how stupid simple the whole testimonials thing can be, we dare you to give it a try.

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